website name – how long?

Among the list of website’s name that i have is. com website name and the brand is 15 coorespondence long. (excluding your. com) Is this an excessive amount of and should WE choose shorter name Other name I include, which is concerning the same subject is usually 10 letters longer, but I dont of that ranking one as much (although any particular one is still so good either)… What on earth do you guys think must i use Is 12 letter name definitely far better than a 12-15 letter name considering they’re close in top quality, or it doesnt matter a lot I am really having problem to decide… Merely asking opinions, I know there isn’t a definite answer….

Will depend on what the phrases are and how easy its to remember.

I loathe to give all of the name here though the names are:
xxxxxxxmagazine. com
xxxxportal. com
both first words are linked to the subject plus they are common words, then again, the word facing magazine has the issue of being easily confused having a plural form (which will not belong to my family. ) I still find the longer domain because I liked to apply magazine over webpages, though xxxxportal. com is reduced and its first word isn’t going to have the problem of confusion… For just a news website which option can you guys think looks like better

You can actually do blahmag. com.

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