Website not displaying correctly in IE

The classmates and I are setting up a website for training. Here is that link:
http: //andibair. com. istemp. com/benchFitness/html/index. html
The site exhibits perfectly in Mozilla firefox although in IE this tables are messed ” up ” as you might be able to see. Anybody have any advice for us as to what we can do to create it work intended for both browsers. Any ideas for the coding


Avoid using a table with regard to non-tabular data. Types of class is this where it really is ok to utilize a table But MY SPOUSE AND I don’t see virtually any difference between Firefox 3, IE6, and IE7.

It is a web design school

1) Many of us don’t do homework or student assigments.

2) Avoid using < table>… make use of CSS and < div> pertaining to layouts.

3) In case your " web design class" teacher is having buy < table> vertisements for layouts,
tell your teacher to show you about CSS in addition to non-table layouts.

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