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hi i merely created a website for your band and I’m unsure how much to charge.
can someone review it and tell me how much they would charge/pay for something such as that
the actual website is http: //www. thetonyperezband. com
(ps: its not totaly surface finishes i still really need to add the lightbox to the pix/music/videos section)
thanks before hand

How can the photos, movie, and schedule receive updated
Do they should get you to undertake it every period, or do you do have a way for these people to edit articles themselves (online)

If it’s just a handful of static pages, I wouldn’t charge them a lot.
As well as won’t stay present-day and updated when nobody maintains the idea.
I’d expect that some sort of band has a lot of gigs and occasions… constant schedule changes.

how significantly is " possibly not much": ermm:
as well as price would you need to be for the internet site no updates
and often see from your website I’m somewhat new. i simply know my technique around photoshop.: traditional:
so i don’t know on how much it is worth

Did you do every one of the graphics yourself, or is he or she from some other source
And how quite a few photos and videos contemplating installing

Those tips will change the actual costs… as they involve additional time to perform.

mostly stock images, it may have 1 gallery w/20 pix, JUST ONE videos and SEVEN mp3 tracks.
all the content is already in the site i should just add the code for the lightbox so it may possibly work properly

any person
merely a ballpark…
so allow me to have an idea

I would likely say $200



1) You choose to do your own artwork design
2) Do PHP scripting for the dynamic site with CMS
3) Have a strong admin panel for them to maintain their own site
4) Install a handful of other PHP/MySQL features

and then…

You’ll have to charge far more – not just for time, but for ones expertise.
It sounds like you’re in the beginning stages, so charge consequently.

I would point out $200-$300 but future time fix your price just before you start!!!!

Never go into project without a definite understanding of how it can pan out economically.

I remember a project long, long time previously where it just simply kept rolling at and on all around health didn’t know precisely what they wanted. I spent hours doing something that acquired no agreed price tag on it. We eventually appeared with a excellent design but fell out over the cost (which they will never paid).

You should understand what we expects and agree a price accordingly. Then commence work!!


I would likely say under 250. because there are numerous templates that glance as good or perhaps better and cheaper using standard compliant coding. Did you make this w/ Illustrator Curious because you happen to be using tables furthermore there’s an P at the end of your value. You need some sort of header as well when you finally get on the actual page.

Complicated to exact orexpected amount of money. Just check with other sites or perhaps competitors as is dependent upon location.

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