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Make sure you excuse my ignorance as We are relatively new to be able to development. My question is that this: I created an internet site . using Yahoo SiteBuilder. Is there any way feasible to convert this specific static site to be able to css without originating in scratch Any suggestion will probably be greatly appreciated. Many thanks: -/

No there’s not…

But maybe you’re not sure what CSS is

A static website can use CSS.
CSS (Cascade Form Sheets) is the use of tags and homes to define
the planning and layout belonging to the pages, within CODE.

A page that is not static (dynamic), would be a page that purposes server-side
scripting, such as PHP to dynamically modify content, automatically… in contrast to,
your static web site would require you edit it manually everytime content changes.

I think you aren’t sure about static and also dynamic website along with CSS also books cant convert your webblog static to vibrant using CSS for the reason that CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) a formatting tool you should utilize CSS in static web page also.

I think it’s not possible necessary for you to convert your website, because with the help of CSS you possibly can format your site as its material changes.

greetings there,
it isn’t possible to turn a yahoo internet site builder based website right css based web page. why you don’t try and build a brand-new static website as well as use css. the idea better then yahoo website builder.
you can even customize it along with your own standpoint.
Thank you.

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