website showing up wierd in IE

Ok first time poster so don’t know where that will post this.

On the problem.
I’ve set up an online site for a close friend with wordpress, when i view the item in Firefox, the item shows like natural. Everything loads and is in their proper places. But while i do the very same with Internet Explorer, the complete site gets messed way up. I can’t find a solution to this issue… Please help me personally…

internet. octgalaxy. no

There is a lot of sections which might be commented-out…
<! — –>

and <! — –! >

Remove all those sections within your code.
There should be a bad or missing comment tag closure which is messing up IE.

I recently had a site that on examining worked fine within everything except ie6 : I tracked the condition down to an error in my type sheet (size connected with left column, right column, padding for example didn’t match pot size). Another website that caused complications in testing together with ie6 had your discrepancy between the layout and type sheets. IE6 is definitely pretty intollerant connected with errors.

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