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Upon our website we have a video about the main page. The video in place there now is due to SWF format. Thanks to it being a new flash based video, it doesn’t display on an iPad. I’m in the deal of changing that will but have ran right little snag. We have the video reconvert to aid playback on the iPad (H. 264) while I add the actual code, the training video displays, but getting older autoplay. The play button needs to be pressed for it to your workplace. We need that to autoplay without controls if possible.

Also, with the brand-new code added, you will discover a couple additional issues at the same time:

On Firefox – If the parameter " wmode=transparent" is actually added, the video doesn’t manifest. It just show a black box. The video plays without issues on IE along with Chrome with " wmode=transparent".

On IE/Chrome – If the parameter " wmode=opaque" is actually added, the training video plays, but the shift down menus within the navigation bar right above the movie display behind your video instead of in addition to it. The video plays without issues on Firefox along with " wmode=opaque".

What do I need to do to get the video to try out on all browsers without the need of issue of this drop down list being hidden guiding the video together with autoplay working on all browsers, such as the iPad

I would go with HTML5, but you’ll just be compatible for any latest browser alterations.
Nonetheless… it’s the best option for me.
In the next year, things shall be pretty much driving for the reason that direction.

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