Weird bot hits on a website

Over a website I realize (call it site. com), over SIX HUNDRED hits were signed up with some seriously weird details:

The many hits came were done while using the GET method, however the requested URLs were being all full URLs directed to subdomains regarding Yahoo. com. Good examples are:

http: //login. tpe. aol. com
http: //login. bjs. aol. com
http: //login. korea. aol. com

Once more, those were the particular GET REQUEST_URI values – which is, the bot was requesting a TRAFFIC from another website, not from website. com. These were not HTTP referrer ideals.

The many hits came via same remote coordinator, a subdomain identify from charter. com.

It could be a hacking attempt (this is in fact a deliberate request for any clearly wrong page), but I am not 100% convinced of your theory.

This can be baffling me, as We have never seen such behavior. Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks!

PM me personally which sub-domain. helpful to work for any spin-off of hire (and charter instantly at one point), I recall a few of their stuff nonetheless, and if wanted, I think I remember several of their email addresses.

Appears like a zombie LAPTOP.

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