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We’ve been designing a website that has been coming out okay, but I just realized person that suddenly, it started wanting different. As it ended up, the text got slightly smaller as well as the bold stuff weren’t bold anymore. While i went to view, text size, bigger, it came available fine, but below it wasn’t having a number of the text bold along with the text was tiny. Originally, the bold text would regularly be bold and whenever you decreased the size belonging to the font in online explorer, it will decrease it somewhat. Here’s the weird part though: while i upload the web-site to Geocities as well as view it, the idea looks fine. There have to be a setting inside my computer somewhere to correct this problem. Just like I said, the bold text just isn’t bold unless MY SPOUSE AND I view it within " larger" font, as well as the rest is lesser unless I view it in much larger, whereas on Geocities We can view it upon any size font along with the bold stuff will always be bold, and the site looks normal viewing it on " medium" dimension font. I are already using Dreamweaver to build the site. Virtually any help

Do you want to provide a link

Where you considering the site through the same computer/platform/browser

Did you utilize < em> and also < b> tags Sometimes DW likes to apply < em> as an alternative to < b> should you highlight the copy and select strong (you can change this in the preferences) and this specific causes text being rendered differently.

I don’t really wanna gives a link for privateness purposes, but Relating to been viewing the site from the same computer, platform, as well as browser and Dreamweaver have use < em> tags as well as < strong> tags.

A vey important bit is, does the font display the same from my and remote duplicate. I’m not talking about the styling belonging to the font (bold, italic, etc), nevertheless the font itself. Can it be Arial on equally, or Times Innovative Roman on equally, or what

The font does stay similar, Arial on equally, it’s the doing you hair (size and bold) that will changes.

I do believe the problem can be with your heading tags. I have had similar problems during the past with Dreamweaver assigning tags and assuming Needed to do items I didn’t want to do. I recommend implementing CSS. CSS helps you eliminate problems like that because it takes out beautiful chance for fault by maintaining your whole definitions in some sort of seperate file.

Relating to used CSS. As well as the other thing I noticed are these claims: Geocities adds some code to the pages automatically intended for advertising. But the weird that is, this extra signal allows me to see the page the way it was next time i originally created the site; i. e., the bold material is bold as well as the size is correct. Here’s the rule:

< script language=" JavaScript" > var PUpage=" 76001084"; var PUprop=" geocities"; < /script> < script language=" JavaScript" src=" http: //www. geocities. com/js_source/pu5geo. js" > < /script> < script language=" JavaScript" > var thGetOv=" http: //themis. geocities. bing. com/themis/h. php"; var thCanURL=" http: //us. geocities. com/ketchamnhs/aboutus. html"; var thSpaceId=" 76001084"; var thIP=" TWENTY FOUR. 45. 58. 18"; var thTs=" 1124393554"; var thCs=" e30131ae6a086b4823373e6227f8b738"; < /script> < noscript> < hyperlink rel=" stylesheet" href=" http: //themis. geocities. bing. com/jsoff. cssthIP=24. 1 OUT OF 3. 58. 18& thTs=1124393554" > < /noscript> < script language=" JavaScript" src=" http: //us. geocities. com/js_source/geovck05. js" > < /script> 

When I add it to your page that isn’t viewing correctly, it causes it to become work. And it lies above one tag of the html document. This is consequently weird and at the same time so damn FRUSTRATING.

The < strong> as well as < em> tags are treated inconsistently by way of different browser/computers/etc. Hard bet is that will change them in order to either < b> and also < i>.

Though We’d point out that will strong and em are structural information (strong and also emphasis, respectively), in contrast to bold and italics usually are stylistic information. For this reason I stick that will strong and em. On the other hand, I’m also used to LaTeX, which utilizes similar directives regarding similar results.

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