What am I worth?? (my web design skills)

Great day,

At the moment I am only starting developing web web sites.
What My business is wondering is that:
If I’m with a free host (in that case www. awardspace. com)
and reserving a domain with the site that I’m working on, and only managing Javascriptscript, DHTLM and also HTML.
Simply how much should I charge for your fee to construct the site
And also a small monthly cost to update the particular site

Throughout anycase
thanks for your help

This really depends… hosting it wouldn’t be very expensive. Your design ascertains fee, and and so does complexity. Although about updating… does that mean one does it Thats not great, really, and may be expensive. If you’ve got your own coordinator, then just make use of a server-side language to obtain a CMS or a thing.

While there are many of variables of which help determine selling price, there are actually two factors which i commonly see.

1) Is the skill set a ability. The more experience you could have, the better ones design/development skills, the bigger your portfolio (and showing a wide range of skill set) you’ll be able to command more of the price when promoting your self/services.

2) The opposite common one is your market. What does one see from various other designers who showcase identical skills as you As an example, in my market the thing is that rates of $45-$65 an hour or so as an typical, yet you drive 40 minutes north and you also see $75-$125 rates being quoted (and getting them).

Your best bet is usually to shop other competitors within driving distance and see what there’re charging for same projects.
Indeed, there are numerous, many other factors that begin setting price (the a better standard of skill, the size of the project, the buyer’s budget, etc).

I can only guess out of your post that you do not have a lot regarding experience, you do not have a big profile, your skill set might not be as strong (no refer to of CSS, PHP, and so on etc), plus you are asking about web host and maintenance……… Excuse me if I read that wrong, but initially that would tell me you are new, or deficiency experience.

Finally, maintaining the web page goes directly to what it is you are having. How much work is involved, the way often, etc…….. that could determine how a lot to charge.

My best advice remains to be to shop local competitors and acquire your pricing nailed down (and legal contract! ).


If you might be just starting, charge between $400-800 to generate the site and $30-50 a month just the summer hours of perform making updates.

I’d personally say that’s related to right mr. moseley, but I’d personally charge on an hourly basis monthly based on the requests on the client for improvements. That way fussy clients don’t run you on the ground practically totally free… For a brand-new designer maybe $20 an hour Hourly kind regarding depends where you might be geographically though, use your best judgement.

Welcome to 2 years ago Good info though.

Produce a site that " they" bring up to date themselves (the content).
Employ PHP/MySQL, either customized build, or use a preexisting system
including WordPress. Let them be worried about the content. People charge
them a one-time fee with the website.

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