What are the steps to design a website in 7 days

Howdy guys, this is my own first post and would like to know about: –

ONE PARTICULAR. how to style and design a commercial website within One week. Be it operating / business a short time. I’m really grateful to learn if anyone might help me out on this matter.

At present, It took a month for me to perform a site.

Richard Riveron
world wide web. techtouch. com. my (redesign in progress)

Howdy Richard,

" Design" can mean plenty of things. If it is just a rush job with regard to no money, then templates are ideal. Just plug in the client’s logo and also colors. If it is just a shopping or e-commerce website, subscribe to eBay or maybe Yahoo, or on the list of two zillion " net rings" example: http: //www. t-shirtshopper. com/cgi-bin/show_site. cgisite=coconut_harrys_surf_shop

Designing an original website in the ground up won’t happen in One week. Most of some of our clients hem and haw for any month, before we obtain green light to create something. During which interval a idea emerges, with a rough prospect of content and map-reading. Front-end tools ensure it is easy to execute something in the hurry (we under no circumstances use ’em, nonetheless; we write in addition to validate HTML by means of hand). Optimizing jpg’s in addition to indexed gif’s is definitely acquired skill. But even the most beneficial and most experienced designers could make several versions, because it isn’t obvious which colour pallette, filter effect or maybe page layout will be the best trade-off.

Getting it right " over the fold" in addition to throughout a relatively complex project takes time, maybe 100 hours for any 10-page small organization site, if you add work of considering through an SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION strategy.


The simplest way to design websites in less than seven days is by using readymade website templates. You can work with these templates in addition to quickly make changes with regard to color, pictures, graphics etc plus your website is ready. You can get templates as low as $20 -30. Bye.

many thanks guys.

Will consider create private templates soon. Great way to serve ‘sickening’ customers.

this forum’s cool!!

cool website pals

It is possible to first step I need to do in order to generate an awesome web-site Concerning one currently up and running, made from templates that may service my needs until I obtain professional looking web page up. Please aid. I am not very computer-literate, but am a rapid learner. I contain the newest version regarding Frontpage.

" an awesome web site" signifies nothing… it is a really subjective statement… what’s " awesome" for those would be flat for others, what might seem bland to you might make someone in addition scream with captivate!

Individually I’d suggest you take the hottest version of Frontpage in addition to advertise it upon e-bay… make it somebody else’s problem… download a good text editor along with HTML validation involved (preferably freeware and also shareware) then amble along into a site like http: //w3schools. com in addition to start playing!

Then, once you’re very happy with the basics connected with HTML/CSS etc. start thinking about your " awesome" website, and what you desire it to can. Sketch a very few things down on a sheet of paper, fiddle around and then code… and see what happens the other ending!


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