What do I need to create a site like this?

Hello guys My organization is new to the forums and to web design. ( )

I want to create a site like wikipedia, wherever people can modify pages and material.
Doesn’t end up being as big seeing that wikipedia. ()g

What would I want to learn
I am a newbie atm polishing off my first guide on HTML. But I are free 24/7 with regard to at least a couple of years so any tough suggestion on how hard could it be and what encoding languages would I need would be considerably appreciated.

Thanks and I apologize for taking your time and efforts d()

Absolutely no apologies needed… And actually a good question…

You simply must know HTML, CSS and php to create a wiki… ( they are actually pretty easy )…

I’m he kind of person that finds out from example… I’ve downloaded prebuilt wiki’s before and almost all logic behind the way they operate is actually pretty simple…

The simplest way to learn tips on how to out it together is always to use one that is definitely already working… Break it down in to the different functions and from there…

Once you figure out how to code HTML along with CSS, the php for any wiki should be simple enough.

Many decent hosting providers actually have at the very least 1 if not necessarily more wiki scripts setup to aid you to install them with just a few clicks of an individual mouse.

Coming from a development standpoint, you can load WAMP or LAMP in your local machine, install on in the prebuilt scripts… Just in order to play with the idea.

Thanks considerably webzarus!!! *:.. o(RQ)o..: *

I’ll work on PHP today. One last thing unless you mind, what degree of HTML/CSS + PHP will i need to get over it creating(editing an existing) wiki site

Are beginners books good enough Do you have some book bands to see types of level I need

Thanks Earlier.

this stuff difficult to acquire online, that’s why I ask

Undecided what you suggest " beginner"… Knowing and understanding the basics…

I avoid books… Sorry… Try w3schools. com… Good place to begin..

No, it isn’t. Look at http: //www. w3fools. com for a summary of all of the things w3schools has inappropriate. Let me put it with this – as some sort of mod on PHPFreaks, I can tell who attempted to learn by going to w3schools. Those will be the people I along with the other staff are inclined to have to help the most.

With regard to legit HTML, CSS, in addition to JavaScript information, head over to https: //developer. mozilla. org/en-US/learn/. With regard to PHP, the best place to look is the PHP on the web manual (http: //www. php. net/manual/en/).

Why don’tyou just use exactly the same software that Wikipedia can It’s free of course.

http: //www. mediawiki. org/wiki/MediaWiki

Glad to check out someone else will be spreading the principles. I use to indicate how W3schools are generally bad, but I lost the battle after the 100th recommendation.

POST used HTMLdog. com with regard to HTML and CSS. I still create a savings fund reference page at all times when I have got a mind block. Too bad it isn’t updated with CSS3 info.

In the western world javascript, I just type of dived in and also googled through StackOverflow pages when ever I got jammed. But that Mozilla link looks pretty good.

In the western world PHP, I cannot comment because WHEN I went for various other server-side languages plus frameworks.

Yes, HTMLdog is beneficial, too.

With regard to PHP, I started with among Larry Ullman’s courses, then used PHPFreaks to support me fill inside blanks, and cope with real code. Being able to see real code snippets and make an attempt to debug them was invaluable. I then attended Zandstra’s awesome reserve on OOP with PHP, then your Gang of Four’s reserve. I’ve since branched out and about to ASP. NET MVC and C# (which is often a great language. LINQ, independently, spoils me).

On the list of other problems together with w3schools, aside via being generally erroneous, is that it does not attempt to coach best practices. Right now, admittedly, it’s gotten a little better, but it’s still not up to scratch IMO. For model, it still means that inline JavaScript is ideal, when in fact unobtrusive JS may be the norm. Things of that ranking, which seem insignificant, but tend to inflate into " The key reason why isn’t my script working" problem w3schools.

Most importantly else, I wince all the time someone suggests all of them because Their name is definitely an intentional misdirection, targeted at making the uninformed (which, really, is who their site was created to attract) believe that they’re some sort of service provided through the W3C. Especially every time they hand out accreditation that don’t actually have any serious value.

They are shady, and I’d instead that any self-respecting designer/developer not impart them with more clicks. There are plenty of quality resources on line that deserve your traffic instead.

Perhaps people could possibly take your suggestions of an different resource… If it was offered up while just that and not a reason in order to bash another web site.

The OP was trying for information and assets…

You offered views and bashing with a personal level this had nothing to do with his request.

Perhaps something like:

" I prefer htmldog. com general health have really great information for beginners"


" htmldog. com is a best resource Truly found for learning HTML as well as other languages "…

Before you start bashing something You no longer like… And throwing all around comments tht cause you to feel better, but add no value towards thread "… You lose the chance to offer a new potential resource.

Only sayin…

I feel it’s my responsibility being a developer to besides provide others having good resources, but to steer them from bad resources in the process. I can only do this by explaining why a new resource is awful. Objectively speaking, w3schools is often a bad resource. We have not said nearly anything in my messages above that is certainly not factual:

w3schools is not affiliated with the particular W3C*.
w3schools offers meaningless certificates*.
w3schools is actually littered with inaccurate information.
w3schools teaches/reinforces awful practices.

I are not able to see where the controversy is together with those statements. So far as my own, anecdotal practical knowledge, I figured it might be useful for the particular OP (or anyone) for you to read as I’ve had many years of experience helping people online with PHP, MySQL, in addition to JavaScript. I didn’t say that folks who go to w3schools are inclined to need more assistance than others because I got trying to be ‘cute’ or maybe hyperbolic. In our experience, it’s true by and large.

Remember, I’m not wanting to brag/boast when MY SPOUSE AND I say that. I’m merely wanting to give a programmer’s POV. I believe there are style sites that you’d probably steer others far from, too, and you can tell when a further learned bad habits at a bad site/tutorial. Same thing here, just in the other side belonging to the aisle.

Finally, as far while making myself experience better, that’s projection on your part. I’m simply wanting to steer a fresh newcomer far from a bad resource and the inevitable headaches and errors that will come with utilizing it. I figure that should they can start away with quality tips, they’ll be before game.

*Neither is often a sin when ingested individually. Taken mutually, it’s shady. I feel uncomfortable with thinking about co-opting another entity’s identify, then offering certs in each individual topic for $95 each one, as though the particular certificates actually originated from the co-opted entity. That would possibly be like PHPFreaks supplying up a PHP qualification for $95. IMO, it is just a transparent ploy to capitalize about the ignorance of newbies. I can’t defend that sorts of action, and I certainly wouldn’t would like to condone it by means of happily sending more beginners towards the site.

So… Back on issue.

We have presented you along with two major solutions. Making a wiki out of scratch or implementing Mediawiki. How similar or different is niagra website going to get compare to Wikipedia

Once which is establish, we could get into further detail.

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