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My organization is thinking about building a website. It will probably be like a entertainment site. I will make it to aid you to sign up intended for upcoming events, buy apparel on the website, buy tickets, Check out tweeter and squidoo, and have every one of the media and upcoming events on the website. After thinking i’ve figure i will surely have to code it with PHP. Should i work with a CMS like drupal or perhaps joomla Or any simpler cms. Or i can just edit the actual raw files etc

If you were creating such a a website, What steps could you take to ensure it is

Use your premade CMS such as Joomla or Blogger.

You’ll learn tons by undergoing it yourself, but it’ll take you forever to finish the project.

I was thinking about implementing concrete5, Simple to build a design and should be simple to modify.

I don’t have much experience along with that, but it seems like a good choice if you ask me.

What would the cost tag be on the website like this particular

No idea on that. Confused how much do the job (time) or experience may well take.

my oh my, My thinking it just is required to be created for this concrete5 cms. result in a upcoming event container. integrate tweeter in addition to facebook on to among the list of pages. use php to display pictures and videos through the database use php or maybe ajax/JSON to display upcoming events.

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