What do you do with old / retired site designs?

Should you choose love your site, I’m sure you’d probably change the style / style / glance of it on occasion. If it was a classic design, when you assume down simply a new you, what would you choose to do with the retired one

Simply throw it away Work with it for another site Allow it to become a template and also release it free

I’d squeeze the last drop of value from this by releasing the item free.

We’d release it as a freebie on this site. Which is what I’m about to do anyways using my current style and design.

As we seen that this initially we possessed Microsoft visual studio 2005, but we have now Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, just like that we should help to make some changes so it should meet the today’s specifications. We just ought to make some changes inside our site so that it can meet the actual needs… We can atart exercising . extra features in it and we might remove the previous features too and we could embed some adobe flash animation too so that it can look so attractive…

Ask whether as well as is for you to use — or prospects.

It’ll give you tired far sooner than they will.

Excellent Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign is concerning the use centered design answer to this question.

Don’t change because you’re bored and possess time to get rid of. Change because you’re refocusing for a target customer.

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