What does header tag mean?

Sorry for your stupid question, but I notice that marilyn and i talk about a good deal about the importance of contain the right words or maybe title in H1 or maybe H2. What exactly really does this mean are usually relevance of it Im looking to build my own website but dont get much experience in the field.

aspects are headings. What they mean is just what exactly they sound just like… they are meant to be the " heading" (or title, subtitle, etc. ) to get a section of content on your own page.

Imagine them as though you had been writing a document. You would start using a main heading for each primary section in the document, then subheadings to help title the content therein.

A website works the same way, but typically you’ll work with a different page for every main section associated with content.

The importance when it comes to SEO is that search engines give many weight to headings while searching for keywords on your own page, because the < h#> elements naturally jump out from the rest of the content. So putting your own keyphrases in all of them is advisable – although the content shouldn’t often be neglected.

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Fantastic explanation Smoseley!

Below are a few resources for you:

Easy methods to Use H Tags

Header Tags defined

Resource: CWS

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This H tags are heading tags which format your copy into headings. H1 could be the most prominent (largest), H2 the 2nd, and so up. You need for you to mind the content of every heading tag, it’s probably wise. What he is actually saying is always that the search engines look to these tags pertaining to relevant meaning pertaining to SEO. Don’t populate them with useless, essentially.

Setting up h1 tags may be a header text so this means big bold word explaining the page. H1 means a top-notch level heading.

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