What is difference between Article writing and Blog writing?

What is difference between Work and Blog writing

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Please say to me some body precisely what points should keep in mind for making a piece of writing and site.And how a page is differ from the blog

In a number of sense, a blog boasts a series regarding articles.

I believe you should be focused with your title when you are writing a piece of writing.You should ask is there a objective with writing that article from the start.Check out eZineArticles for tips on how to write a good article =)

In the beginning Posted by way of vishal9717 Hi there
Please convey to me a number of body what points should take into account for making articles and web site.And how articles is differ originating from a blog If you are given work to generate a blog post, then you’ll get the topic on which you should write.In both simple content and in a blog post, the key purpose is always to write useful/fresh/informative content around the given issue.This can then be labeled as article or a article The two are quite the identical thing.

I think whilst both include the same idea, the two words carry different connotations.Blogs have got a reputation of being opinionated or information.The phrase article is connected with journalism, and that is objective along with has rigid standards.

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