What searchengines thinks about templates?

MY SPOUSE AND I always in ask yourself, some of website builders like Site2you. com using templates or not some, almost all builders working doing this So what does Google plus the other searchengines take into consideration that
If builders while using same design which means that hundrends associated with websites looks exactly the same or how

Cover answer that…

Look down regarding 10 hits out of this search on Search engine… for " Malabum":
http: //www. search engine. com/#hl=en& source=hp& q=malabum& aq=f& aqi=g-s1g-sx9& oq=& fp=2cca7b2e99206b9c

You will discover a WDF posting together with your name on that.

WDF uses PHP/MySQL with web themes…
actually, the whole website is dynamically resulted in, just like some sort of gazillion other vBulletin web sites.

I guess Google doesn’t employ a problem with the item, so I wouldn’t either.

Effectively, but its definitely not fair! I am wanting to write an special content for my website also seeking to make a first design… And what One other guys just using builders and they also higher in Google search we am

Why don’t we see your internet site.

We can help you figure out what that can be done to increase your own ranking.

First content is good. Just realize that the various search engines are going to do everything in their power to indicate the most relevant site to somebody. This is a fact because if internet sites show up that you simply don’t like, believe stop using their se.

Trust that the various search engines are good along with make your website good. As people figure out how to trick the search engines like google, they will figure out how to make it improved. Eventually only one of the best web sites will show for your correct keywords. Get those unique key phrases into your subject matter, and get people to chek out your site. Eventually you may be up there.

Clarence, I simply start to position the right keywords and seems as if it really helping Thanks a ton dude, any other offers to create me grow

Zero other offers.

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