What should i charge?

Hello there all
I will be currently bidding on the contract for a small town (20k pop) chamber of commerce. The bid will include Pricing this particular:
Most likely include 50 pages
Include home database
Need to be built in CMS
Ought to include staff education to maintain/edit
Thats every one of the email stated. I am completetly self-confident in my ability every single child do this employment, I just would like to hear some figures of what additional users would charge to design/code a website like this. I can later keep an individual guys posted regarding my final bid while I submit it on friday.

not positive. details are lacking for the bid. i would split them upward into hourly price vs real valuation. the value on the site, does it generate income of informative exclusively. what type of CMS and are also they willing to stick to their guns when it doesnt produce what they need. a CMS will never tie into a database available for you so dont forget enough time to tie which in. then this going rate pertaining to training employees throughout entry level THEM. i am continue to very new on the design field but i will avoid the bottom dollar market so my estimation has a slant.

Hey thanks a great deal for the reply. I am calling the place to ask for more details about several issues i have with that project. If you should check back down the road evening and I’ll post some a lot more details.
Thanks again for ones opinion so a long way.

There’s no way you can bid a job with that little tidbit of facts! Even for your $500 site I sit along for at lowest an hour to determine exactly what they need. Have you spoken to these people Figuring out how you could acquire burned. You submit a new bid and finish up doing a bunch of work resulting in $10/hour. Be professional and get them for an appointment, then give these a bid. Extra professional you will be, the more likely they will pick you. Best of luck!

So thought about a consultation having these guys and basically the Offered property database will be a simple incorporation through the CMS. They weren’t incorporating a pre-existing database, but just wanted every single child go in and still have a searchable class of properties in the area, all of and this can be implemented w/ CMS. Im contemplating Drupal and possess some experience for it, and it amounts to just I could design an incredibly nice looking site that is still database motivated. So all we will be looking at here is 52 pages of insertion following on from the general design and many small IT training to signify them " hey figuring out how you insert some sort of page in drupal".

Allow me to know what ough guys think, Anyone on the phone, recgonized that this was simply a proposal and never a hard collection bid saying " We only want to know if this can be a 3k, 5k, as well as 15k, job"

Thanks for ones help. Im calculating my own time costs now and enables you to know what I believe I will demand after i pick up back from a number of you.

Well i appeared charging about 4000 for your bid.

Consists of:
Drupal collection for client updating
General design with the site
60 pages of content
Practicing 1-2 people to explain easy methods to use drupal.

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