What sort of scripting should I use?

Hi there everyone. Long time no see.
I need several help again people and gals but it concerns a site that need to be able to creat a person profile page. What We would like some help with doing is, making a form that people fill in with their necessarys, select a template bg or maybe indeed upload their user created bg, then upload their own photos and click submit and yes it then creates a new page for them being showcased. What I want from you guys is what type of script should I use because of this, maybe a link to a tut or something that might give me an inkling spend money on how to use this onto the online. Also things I need to take into account like security, maybe a small se dedicated to coursesmart to find what you are searching for. And how should i setup the get access and password element. I am sure you will find things that We’ve not yet looked at, but as always Read you all will impart your top-quality knowledge and support me in the task.
With thanks Guys and Gals
Cant wait to hear from you all.


You start with an present PHP/MySQL script to deal with the user registration
and profile page. Something basic that you may then customize.
I cause it to sound easy, but you may have to know PHP along with MySQL… no manner around it.

If you cannot do it your self, hire a freelancer, or use Google to discover a complete
made script that you purchase. It’s going as a big project any way you choose to do it.

This can be a free script We’ve used before.
WE downloaded it, put in it, and customized it for whatever purpose We would like:
http: //php-login-script. com/

It handles all of the registration, admin, and profile page… nothing at all else though.

With thanks Alot mlseim
I’ve looked at the actual script and I am guessing that it will work for what I want it for. Possibly there is anyway you may help me in customizing it only ask you the particular question Dont worry Let me not pester you, I will disappear and learn what I would like to if you can actually just telle me what it please. If I get stuck I can come and question you or another. Also I get just downloaded Visible Basic, is that make available or is PHP better
With thanks Alot

You may have to use PHP plus MySQL, because it is a server-side language.
VB is something local for your PC… although learning VB will teach you some
development skills.

In case you have little to it’s unlikely that any experience with PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS… you are going to
really have to start by way of learning it. Apologies, I don’t have time to aid, but maybe
someone else can There are lots of things you have to do on your finish that nobody
else could complete unless they deal with your webhosting bill.

Google will be your best guide. Lots of series on PHP along with MySQL.

With thanks mlseim, I will learm and hopefully Allow me to get what I should do done. Thanks in your prompt response while.
Give thanks You

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