what style of website is this?

http: //www. livio-roby. com/

I’d like to create a web page very much alike these guys for my own artist site and need to find out how this site is conducted so I can tell the suitable web designer in a way that makes perception.

it’s essentially a photo with links thus to their social media web pages, but how has been this page done and which web page is flash I never even know… In addition,

how much would the price tag range be to acquire something like this done myself Basically a top quailty 1 article site

Incredible. I clicked away from there as fast as I can – I don’t stay on sites that engage in music automatically in addition to force me to search for a way to help turn the audio off, and the songs started way ahead of the page loaded. Also the jerky image was about to give me a headache plainly stayed for greater than a minute or 2.

Obviously, yes, it’s your Flash site. I can’t tell you a price range want .: I don’t can Flash anymore (javascript instead) and b: I have no idea what they did or how far it took all of them. I think if you post in the Flash forum they’ll give you a better response. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Thanks to the tip!

I’m not really a fan of adobe flash sites because 1) launching time is also slow and 2) them causes my computer system to crash straight down. But if you will always want flash website you could possibly refer to this website http: //designstutorial. com/2011/05/sensational-celebrity-flash-websites-for-your-inspiration. html to receive sime good inspiration for adobe flash websites because not any offense meant one that you set because example is absolutely an eyesore. You can even want to utilize this keyword phrase if you would like to search for extra design information.

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