What technology/process does this site use?

Hi there,

I’ve done several web design before, but now my personal team is trying to puzzle out how to approach a different project and what sort of experience we would like to bring in. We wish to have a site comparable to this one:

internet. mint. com

The question is: how ever approach making something such as that
There is the user database part as well as data display, which is one particular part – may anyone tell what type of technology they make use of for that

And then the exact site build – are usually process for such as that Is it mocked up in Photoshop after which coded in HTML, or is there software that helps with menus and this dynamic elements
Thanks a lot for your information!

It’s as long as you. It is possible with multiple ‘languages’, e. g. PHP, ASP, RoR, or anything else.

Ultimately you’ll want a professional if you want a site that mimics mint. Don’t expect to be able to sell the site in The regular few months for a bunch of cash or anything though.

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