What the heck is this font?…

… it’s driving us nuts – I’m trying to identify the title font used on Leo Babauta’s internet site zenhabits. net – this looks quite just like the body font that’s in the arial friends and family but this appears to be skinnier than any arial font I possibly could find online.

Can anyone assist me identify it – could it be available off that peg or provides it maybe been specially commissioned and when I wanted exactly the same done for an affiliate site how much would certainly it cost my family….. please help


How about asking him

http: //zenhabits. net/about/

Seems like a nice ample guy… I’m sure he would inform you what it can be.

I would try that – however there doesn’t appear to be any email deal with for him or maybe place to leave comments on the website.

You’re perfect, he isn’t having any emails or maybe comments. Very odd.

www. whatthefont. com

Saarikari, Paralucent, Avenir, Sanzettica

Helvetica 40 Thin
http: //www. myfonts. com/fonts/linotype/neue-helvetica/helvetica-35-thin/

ooh, indeed – that undoubtedly looks right, congratulations. I had decided it need to be Chalet Paris 1960 (they look pretty identical to be able to me).
Thanks a whole lot everyone for your own replies.

It is not Helvetica. The proportions fluctuate – much rounder.

Chalet Paris 1960 seems like a match: http: //www. houseind. com/fonts/chalet/viewfonts

Absolutely closer than Helvetica

Steven – can’t explain how relieved I will be to hear of which – what POST didn’t add around my last post was i had already merely bought the Chalet Paris 1960 font (which I had to get from a package that price tag rather a lot). Even though I couldn’t detect the difference I was feeling that POST liked Chalet better for reasons uknown and you’ve make on it as part of your reply – it really is slightly more circular.
Could have obtained Helvetica for way less but I’m really pleased about what I’ve obtained now.


You made by far the most good purchase – what a gorgeous font! Contemplating buying it me!

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