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I have decided on a platform for any redesign of the first web project(pet site). I have several post regarding other aspects of this but it is a little more standard. I have thought he would turn it into a full blown commercial chat/entertainment/forum thing. im still within the engineering and structure phase and now have maybe bit off a lot of but im just gonna keep chewing. i intend on a javascript chatbox(not Third party) and only started researching javascript. the particular css/html/php is simply no prob. but i’d personally love some tips about structure and some do’s and dont’s concerning this from more knowledgeable developers if any can be so kind spend money on offer any. thx beforehand.

I carry out any anything.
I can complete any work on this planet.


I need a site very much like Google,
simply how much for something prefer that,
and can you do it before March Very first, 2010

*laugh* Thanks to generate me spit espresso on my keyboard!

You forgot to mention that you wanted your Google clone to own as many pageviews while Google too.

Maintain the keyword density between 4-7% of the total page. This may increase your pr. And about your website do you need a search engine

well im about to launch an posting campaign sometime the following summer and as being a forum/chat the keywords are influenced by the users. the forum can be structured more just like a bb and limited into the 25 newest subjects. each time the particular page loads the item read/counts the subject areas and removes anything covering the 25 count. so i plan to get most associated with my seo determine of inbounds, championships, and metas. i may sprinkle on some keywords but are going to in limited figures and only enough to present a high degree of relativity to the particular meta descriptions. thx with the read/post.

So will be the point of the SEO for getting people to select ads so you make money,
or will be the point to get people to look for your forum WE never really understand the
purpose of SEO for your site that would not sell a products or services. Am I lacking out
with something

you cant generate profits from ads on a site that offers no traffic.

But why would people wish to use your forum
What information are you offering that is unique and also a " crowd-pleaser".

you cant generate profits from ads on a site that has a sucky forum.

my oh my ok. the idea behind your website. i can do that. I am a new member at user discussion forums and chats all over the net. the chats i started about to about two typical to find a small number of users to join a chat class i started using a free froum along with used a Third party chatbox(the one thats on the site now). i used this to master html(my start) post only used the forums given it was free along with came with lots of stuff i could possibly change. but then once i was ready to launch my own i scaled them way down as well as just kept it with the members i had. when the website was gone my partner and i lost users. the chat didnt possess enough traffic to generate up for the foreclosure of the toys. then recently i decided selling website design wasnt my issue. so i procured what i learned and now have decided to make for-profit sites. what i figured out while building and as being a member as well is always that people like reaching people, they just like the here and now(fitting of the net i thought), and they want lots of stuff to select, but as zynga has shown, next to nothing to complicated. just clicking in addition to making stuff happen generally speaking. so im with a chat and solo level forum without having subs, colourful fonts(like pink) and some comic sans. a compact user profile that is definitely just the image, place to switch password, and choice to indicate email address or not within the members list. its all of the major parts that attract people who have the temporary here and from now on but not to serious that folks like. i still have got a ways to proceed. i am automating section of the registration that include a " i did not sign up for this service" link that could automatically ban the ip of the registering party(ip from your form page). and also finishing the mod gear this week.

oh and when i fired off a email to hulu for getting permission fro commercial use on my site in their players and API’s. if they approve it i may have the just chat site on the internet that you can easily chat and watch tv while doing so

http: //mashable. com/2009/09/18/hulu-facebook-app/

okay. so what. a single, its not anything related to a chat web site. its a wall update tool rather than interactive instantly, second i watch hulu nearly every day, they have not taken action. since that post was written zynga has suffered bad press which may keep what is spoke of in that document from ever attaining fruition.

and hulu already has a comment section per show or film. thats not chat either. if you’re looking for i can post the definition of a chatroom!

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