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Hello, I need a few help. Im a newbie to web design. I have built by myself server and I’m trying to build a very basic looking website for any first site that we build but I have no idea of what to call this type of site so discovering info on creating one has been pretty troublesome.
I want a sign in page which I am in the process of creating, and all I’d prefer the function of the site to perform is display a new directory index, and have files downloadable. Okay know if that is definitely too vague. I can describe it around more detail whenever needed.

It will involve using PHP scripting.
How much do you know about PHP

A summary of the measures:
1) Make an HTML logon form that phone calls a PHP script.
2) PHP login script checks password and also begins a PHP PERIOD.
3) In case SESSION is effective, PHP reads the particular directory you establish.
4) PHP shows the files and creates a check out each one.
5) The display might be file name, quality, file revision time frame, and link in order to it.
6) Different log-ins can produce different files, web sites, or results.

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