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I do not care exactly what PR our sites own.If would rather have a new PR2 that’s on site 1 Search engine results than the usual PR6 in page FIVE.PR doesn’t attract visitors.I ACCOMPLISH care what exactly page online they appear on with different widespread searched terms.I test this per month and create adjustments appropriately Great question

We graded # ONLY TWO for " Perform Follow List" if it generated 160 zillion results.

#1 inside 135, 000, 000 likely results PR4

Pr 4

PR 4 to do as well.

I here’s assuming you happen to be referring towards the SERP’s and never PR.You’ll find obtained a large number of #1 The highest competitive look for was TWENTY TWO Million.You’ll find obtained # 3 for a search this produced around 160 million results.

I’m still with PR4.

My Cricket Guidelines site is ranked #2 around Google.Its competing in opposition to 3.6 million + results.I signed up the area in July not too long ago so this is a bit over A few months old.Done a great deal of link building subsequently including index submissions, social bookmarking and submitting comments in order to relevant weblogs.It is currently attracting all over 200 visitors on a daily basis, trouble can it be only makes me related to 20c each day with adwords.Gotta find an easy method to generate income from it.

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