Where are my backlinks & keywords GOOGLE?

Where are my personal backlinks & keywords GOOGLE

I signed up for Yahoo Webmaster Tools the other day.I observed it valuable especially using the sitemap submitting…BUT…its definitely not accurately with 2 very important aspects connected with SEO and my website.Can a person please drop some light for this for a newb!


When WE check the " Links for your site" tab it informs me " we have no idea of almost any links for a site".I realize for sure that i have 3-6 inbound links on A COUPLE OF seperate but related domain names.I likewise have my URL submitted that will 1100 numerous web internet sites.Now I understand (after the fact) that several directories may not do me worthwhile and might have your *no follow line stopping them coming from being crawled ALTHOUGH I also understand that the 2 other domains is sure to be crawled.The question will be:How much time do Need to wait for my backlinks to exhibit up with Google and how do i speed this up (how will i get one other domains crawled earlier than later


My domain name and our multiple webpages of subject matter are both filled with key terms.I failed to over do it either…BUT in Search engine Webmaster Applications the Keywords and phrases tab states that " No data available".You should HELP! Possibly there is a unique place inside my Live journal mini site that i need for you to detail my keywords (my meta is usually filled plus I’m when using the SEO put in) — Please help a super newb.

thank an individual!!!

Use rider link:yoururl to discover backlink of one’s site

It is dependent upon how rapidly those some other two web pages are crawled plus how often your personal web web site is crawled.Google crawls top quality sites faster and much more often than they certainly new internet sites and the ones from unknown level of quality.An easy solution to see if your last time frame Googlebot crawled people other a couple of sites (specifically the actual pages that check out your web page from those people two sites) is to check out Google’s cache date for those pages.In case you have the Search engines toolbar installed you can simply navigate to prospects sites then in your own toolbar check out the dropdown arrow alongside the PageRank image.You’ll notice " Cached Bio of Page".Click that and in the top it’s going to tell you if your last night out / time frame the page your looking at was indexed.

It is important to realize that Google isn’t going to show you all of the backlinks pointing to your site so that they can obfuscate their particular algorithms.You need to use Site Explorer :Yahoo! Site Explorer rather because they demonstrate all known backlinks in your url.

Keywords around WordPress
Google doesn’t use the meta-keywords tab for finding out which keywords a niche site and website is focusing on.They use all of the visible content which is indexable about each page from the web web page.The critical is to ensure your articles is indexable and I’d recommend employing a w3c validation device.Often moments, broken and also malformed html may cause a page to seem to have no content in it in any respect and the quite likely that is your difficulty.

Directory work

It might take weeks for any directory to obtain around to help approving your own submissions (if

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