where are the settings for table locations on a Web page?

Hello in existence. I’ve got a website with a heading (defined within a file that also contains every one of the CSS items). Each page shows this heading then some separate tables at the same time.
But the tables in this pages were designed from a single template web page (cut and insert then edit), some pages (in IE) present the header and also all tables more toward the center of the page while other people display them plenty further left and also right.
Where are the settings for the positioning of the header as well as tables How would I be in there and produce the header plus all tables in all pages look in the exact same location
P. UTES. I had an established design the first section of the site and I’m in the way of cutting in addition to pasting and incorporating content.
Thanks a lot!!

You could try conditional CSS to get IE to respond. Put this inside header:
<! –if IE>
< fashion type=" text/css" > signific " ie. css"; < /style>
<! endif–>

Additionally reading:
http: //www. quirksmode. org/css/condcom. html


Hello and thanks a lot for the answer back.
I’ll put that code on the header and see cures get.
I appreciate your help very much!

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