Where Do I Begin?

I can be attending college the coming year to pursue a career web page design. Right now I’ve been learning basic HTML DOCUMENT of W3 classes and youtube video clips. I just have a very few random inquiries that I’m puzzled about.

Thus i’m artistically keen, so I want organization where I can join in on a team and create how the web site appears to be and feels. I’m just somewhat confused on how an process of website development works. Would I possibly be creating multiple layouts based upon the customers needs and they pick which one they like, then handing it onto a web programmer who does the many programming Is there someone who actually consults with all the customer and then absolutely the project in my opinion Could I likewise do some programming because I think I’m starting to enjoy it. At first I had been terrified but then once I got to learning the fundamentals, I think I could handle it.

I don’t know which programs I might be using. I’ve read many times I need to use Photoshop ; however , I come around a article " 60 reasons not utilize photoshop"… If so when can i use photoshop while do I utilize Illustrator

Which language should i learn first Would likely html give me good fundamentals with regard to xhtml and html5 Can i just skip to learning xhtml

Should i even bother studying flash because WHEN I heard it HTML5 will probably replace it.

Should i mess with WYSIWYG editors I could get Dreamweaver if it could benefit me.

Should i use a html document editor or regarded as a just stick having textedit

I watched Lynda web development fundamentals and the actual guy said I should focus on what I complete best first then learn from at this time there. Which would possibly be the artsy side of web page design and then work towards programming. I’m just pretty confused on when I should apply almost all of my effort. Most people are saying different stuff and I’m not sure who I should focus on. But I think provided that I’m doing something its greater than nothing.

Regards for your moment,

You tend to be correct, doing something is better than carrying out nothing.

Unlike in the west what to study first…. HTML… Will be base for anything else, if you can make a simple site with nothing but HTML, you should then hold the basic structure…

For anyone who is a " artsy" images type person, then you are in front of the curve… But if you combine graphics plus HTML… You’ll end up being good.

To learn and understand the basics of HTML / CSS your text editor is personal computer, wysiwyg editors are fine when you finally know and understand the basic principles… If you commence using wysiwyg manager ( DW ), it may take you longer to recognise as a lot of them are notorious with regard to re-writing code dependant on their understanding of it.

I personally use DW and still have been for many years, but I rarely even first turn on " design view"… DW with " code view", features some benefits like " syntax mentioning and internal website link checking", but I find out more designers which might be completely useless until they have getting some sort of wysiwyg editor on the market…

Teams are an alternative way to learn the " process" of developing sites, but I might need to say that could be the exception not your rule… Most successful design shops that we know, have YOU maybe 2 people… And they do everything. Having any team of brands, programmers, sales or anything else.. Can cause as many problems precisely as it addresses. I know one or two companies that undertake it this way, one in unique in my neighborhood has been through 20 designers recently 2 years… Either hd pay the designer enough for his skill level or they employ someone with marginal skills hoping to help " train them" their way… No matter your situation… By all performances, this shop cannot often get the right dynamic… And from talking with a number of their previous brands / programmers… There’re treated as your " grunt work" component of the team whilst leadership and revenue are treated for instance royalty… ( for instance most businesses )…

Know HTML, then CSS, when you finally can produce decent looking sites together with just that… Know some JavaScript in addition to or jquery ( pertaining to interactive stuff )… Put aside flash.. It is on the way out and the vast majority of basic stuff completed in flash is usually easily re-created using HTML/CSS / javascript.

Unlike in the west html5, put that around the books for " later"… Knowing HTML and XHTML, transitioning to html5 will probably be fairly easy.

Down the line… You’ll also need to learn a server scritping dialect like php, as well as asp. net ( asp is definitely dying )… Asp. world wide web is its alternative… Then you’ll be able to create " data drive" dynamic content material sites…

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