Where to Obtain Maps for Use on Websites

Basically do a website for a small company (usually inside the UK) and prefer to show their location with a map, can I simply use the applicable page from Multimap and so on or would this particular infringe copyright If you have, where can I go to getting a small local map that can be used on websites
Thanks for any strategies.

I’m while in the U. S…. but can’t buy Google maps in Europe

Perhaps there is any copyright on google maps that puts a stop to you from using them online on a website or are they free proper to reproduce

Everybody uses them.

You embed map in your page and men and women can zoom around, print directions,
or do whatever they desire. It’s offered by Google to be used on a person’s page(s).
If someone duplicates them and publishes them in a very book, that could possibly be a problem.

I assume this is the type of " where we’re located" thing you intend to do
Find this example: http: //www. gilboafossils. org/explore=10

The person can move that, zoom, display place, satellite, etc.

The next thing I like regarding it… it can always be adapted easily regarding iphone use.

Miseim – thanks for replying – I am going to remember this to the future. Actually, for the time being I was thinking more of a static, easier to view at map just like: http: //www. towersbusinesspark. com/SouthManchesterOfficesToLet. html
You would like to click the positioning button to place the page.
I could truthfully create something this way using any available map but WHEN I wasn’t sure in relation to copyright

Usually it’s any case (like with google) to guarantee you leave about their trademark on the map you work with, and reference all of them. Might want to double check. Also, if your site isn’t free to view for customers, things can be different. More info here: http: //code. google. com/apis/maps/.

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