Where to Start for a Newb?

I’ve made a lot of article sites within WordPress and I would like to monetize these people with AdSense. But just using ordinary WordPress themes in addition to filling them available is HORRIBLE. I’ve no control over the site layout. I want to be able to put an e-mail decide in where I would like it. Pics where I’d like to see them, etc. Many people have said " discover coding" or have some " css tutorials. "

I searched on all of this and watched a handful of videos but simply don’t know how to start. None of the actual resources I identified applied directly to what I would like to do/ I can’t see how it is true of, for example, making an e mail opt in box continue on the right sidebar along at the top of your page. I also prefer to make my own themes since the available ones are generally just not personalized enough. Can someone point me inside right direction


After you install WP, it includes a couple of pre-made topics and plug-ins.

After you customize WP, you only alter the files inside the " theme" folder (directory)
and/or this " plugins" folder (directory). Don’t ever touch every other WP directories
for the reason that any version improvements will overwrite those people.

Find a free theme, any kind of theme…. preferrably one that’s sort of close to the layout you really want.
Install that theme, then go at it. You’ll be editing images, php screenplays, css, etc.

The theme files you decide on will have PHP scripts like: header. php, footer. php, principal. php,
left-sidebar. php, right-sidebar. php… or anything else.

Utilize Notepad++ to available those and modify them.

Yes, you’ll need to be aware of PHP and CSS.

After you find a theme you like (the layout is a only important thing), install it and
get back to us. Also signify where you got the theme out of.

Ok I will do that. I have done loads of what you stated already but that’s a good explanation personally. A site I’d like to emulate for layout is: http: //source-wave. com/ do you think this is a wordpress site by way of example I guess the one thing I know that they are WP is ****** looking blogs. I just want assurance that we can actually create a quality looking site in WP.

WP is really a fully functional system, but from any design aspect, it can be only limited by way of your skills or loss of skills…

I’ve seen many great looking web pages that actually turned out to be WP, but you’d actually know it unless you knew what you had been looking at. A few are so custom-made, unless you understand the designer individually… They have customized virtually every aspect… Just taking a look at the outputs origin, you can’t explain to.

You’ll find literally thousands of tutorials on the right way to " customize" subjects and child styles…

The theme you mentioned manufactured by woothemes. com

You don’t need to emulate it… proceed there and obtain it.
Then you might still do more customization alone.
You’re probably considering not spending income. Just think
about how much time it will save you.

I are actually checking out course on youtube although I haven’t really found any that were relevant to the kinds of sites I would like to make. WordPress always incorporates a spot for an article on the the front page but WHEN I don’t want website articles on my homepage. I want to make something that looks like this for a lot of my sites:

Site Title

Adsense Adsnese Adsense Adsense Adsense

Title associated with Article(Link) Title of Article(Link)
Title associated with Article(Link) Title of Article(Link)

(W/o a lot of other bs)

That may be do-able.

The problem now is, just how do we see your own theme scripts
Give us a list of the PHP scripts with your particular theme’s folder.
Its not all theme authors give their scripts the identical names.

Merely can see a subscriber base, maybe I may have you pick one particular out and submit the PHP coding.

Not likely sure what some sort of script is.. this can be a code from my header file:

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD XHTML YOU. 0 Transitional//EN" " http: //www. w3. org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional. dtd" >
< html xmlns=" http: //www. w3. org/1999/xhtml" < php language_attributes(); > >
< brain profile=" http: //gmpg. org/xfn/11" >
< meta http-equiv=" Content-Type" content=" < php bloginfo(‘html_type’); >; charset=< php bloginfo(‘charset’); > " />
< title> < php whenever (is_home () ) bloginfo(‘name’); elseif (is_category() is_tag()) single_cat_title(); replicate ‘ & bull; A; bloginfo(‘name’); elseif (is_single() is_page()) single_post_title(); otherwise wp_title(”, true); > < /title>
< link rel=" stylesheet" href=" < php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_url’); > " type=" text/css" media=" screen" />
< link rel=" alternate" type=" application/rss+xml" title=" < php bloginfo(‘name’); > RSS Feed" href=" < php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); > " />
< link rel=" pingback" href=" < php bloginfo(‘pingback_url’); > " />
< link rel=" shortcut icon" href=" < php bloginfo(‘stylesheet_directory’); > /favicon. ico" />
< php wp_head(); >
< /head>
< system < php body_class(); > >

< div id=" site" >
< div id=" wrap" >
< div id=" toplist" >
< div class=" feed" > < a href=" < php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); > " title=" RSS" > RSS< /a> < /div>
< /div>
< div id=" header" >
< h1> < a href=" < php bloginfo(‘url’); > " title=" < php bloginfo(‘name’); > " name=" top" > < php bloginfo(‘name’); > < /a> < span> < php bloginfo(‘description’); > < /span> < /h1>
< /div>
< php whenever (! function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’)! dynamic_sidebar(‘Submenu’) ): > < php endif; >
< div id=" blog" >

Where would I have the theme’s " PHP scripts" All I realize how t

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