Which CMS is right for me?

Hello there,
I favor to design my sites in HTML PAGE and CSS.
I want my clients every single child just add websites and edit wording.
Practically nothing Fancy.
Cushy CMS will last editing text but lacks the ability of adding pages.
Can someone propose a CMS is is super easy to implement towards already designed Html sites


What would you mean by adding pages

You truly don’t add web pages… you add written content.

This website (Web Design Forums) is a good example.
Every single pages you’re viewing whenever you navigate around is just not a " brand new page".
It’s one script of which changes content using PHP along with a MySQL database.
While you add a fresh post, like anyone did, a new page was not added.

Thus describe what an individual mean by " including new pages".

Sure Max, I think Joomla! and Drupal let the client actually add webpages.

Surreal CMS is a lot like Cushy on steroids. There are extra features and you can create new web pages (by cloning). Should be personal computer

online world. SurrealCMS. com

Related to that helps a tad.

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