Which code is better to use?!

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Hello there there good time!. I just wish to ask about which code is way better to use may be the HTML code superior CSS code or any code because We are studying now website designing and I need to know which of they are better to work with,. because i want to pay attention to one thing.. remember to help me away! thanks in advance for just about any replies!

XHTML, implementing CSS for article layout.

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Thanks for that reply sir!.. these may help me a good deal!!

i am currently finishing a program that contained internet disign and i need to say that XHTML being used with CSS is most likely the easiest to learn in phrases to content, this is the plus because many sites out there do it

these guys are right xhtml as well as css layout is probably your best wager


I’m sure the best make use of for me can be CSS.; -)


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Regarding design: XHTML along with CSS

Regarding programmability: PHP (free)

Regarding Database Backends: SQL (MySQL as being the database engine — free)

Regarding Client-Side Interaction: Javascript

For anyone who is just looking to style sites you’ll will need XHTML/CSS.
If you need to actually add just about any functionality (members, signal in, etc) you’re planning to need PHP along with a database (MySQL). Then if y ou want to get into neat client side effects and client facet validation etc… you’re gonna ought to learn javascript.. I recommend a framework including JQuery.

Desire this helps

For a simple website you have available XHTML for content along side CSS for style and layout.

If your website needs such thinggs as a member signal in/up area or even a photo upload function you need PHP and the database (MSQL would be my recommendation).

If want things such as slide shows and galleries I’d suggest Adobe Flash either using Steps Script 2. 0 and also 3. 0 (personally MY SPOUSE AND I prefer 3. 0).

Anticipation this helps.

Kind regards Aliesha

Html code is simplier, CSS will be more contemporary… therefore it depends.


you can use java script, html code and css..

HTML and CSS work in hand. CSS manipulates the appearance of website elements. It could manipulate HTML dining tables. People who separate each don’t understand you can’t create a CSS track without some CODE or XHTML. And if you can, I would want to see that website’s code.

I do believe what people mean after they say CSS internet site, is that CSS played a major role in switching the website’s glance.

As far as whether to employ HTML or XHTML, you can find no major advantages of one over another.

XHTML may perhaps be easier to employ, but it requires you to definitely follow more guidelines. HTML allows for your larger variety with code elements out there, but may cause some minor concerns.

I think, pick one with random, stick to them and learn which one you should use. You’ll need to appear up Doctypes so that you let browsers really know what style of coding your being dedicated to.

To create websites, there is ugh of getting about HTML. Period. CSS can also be a must. It is possible to start there and work your path through the development languages and sql.

BTW, HTML seriously isn’t a programming dialect, it’s a markup langauges. Programming languages are things such as php,. NET, C etc.

We’d suggest begin through learning HTML (actually XHTML) next CSS. Or both at the same time.

I agree with a number of the above posters HTML or XHTML is often a must learn above all. After you obtain hang of that please start learning CSS for you to style what anyone learned in WEB CODING. It will take you a bit to learn those to begin making websites nevertheless as time progresses and also you hone in in your craft you can begin using languages like AJAX, PHP and JavaScript to boost your webpages!

XHTML, PHP and CSS include the most useful. You need to use a little more car coding XHTML.

If you design its check your web blog in Firefox, download the web Developer Tools after which you can check your HTML /CSS code. Achieving this will help come across any errors which may have occurred through coding.

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