Which direction to take for my new portfolio site?

Hello all (first place! ),

This is a kind of beginner’s posts, the answers to that happen to be probably around with this website somewhere — but after a creating a look, I couldn’t find the specific answers that I’m after. If anyone desires to redirect me, think free.

My organization is an artist along with designer, and am about to build a portfolio website. I’ve made websites previously, but without definitely knowing what I was doing. I essentially bumbled by way of dreamweaver until I bought the result I wanted, but to the actual trained eye : the stuff WE made was horribly clumsy. I plan to be taken seriously like a designer in standard, and so desire to improve my web site design smarts. To that end, I would also for a slick site which will reflects my ability like a designer and may it justice.

Currently, assume I recognize nothing!

We’ve a fairly simple idea of how I want as well as to look, and desire some advice on tips on how to develop it.

1) Firstly, I am studying up HTML Compared to Flash. I wish some features for instance nice soft animations with my planned site (such as control keys that gently enlarge while you hover over these people, then shrink back whenever you roll the sensitive mouse away, and drop decrease menus that appear in a very similar fashion). Does this signify flash would be what you want I told someone I’m sure that I could possibly use flash and they also rolled their little brown eyes and said " HTML 5 is going to make Flash out of date, there’s no point".

I’d no idea exactly what they meant. Ought to be a be considering WEB CODING Vs. Flash Compared to. HTML 5 inside my decision

2) With all the above in brain, is it considered professional to get an introductory internet page that reads the choice " HTML type of site, serious ankle sprain // Flash type of site just click here".

3) Last of all, just to put you from the picture; the general idea of my site is always to have a core (probably 16: 9 aspect ratio) seeing box where portfolio pieces might be shown, the transitions in between which, in my opinion, should be cartoon. Beneath this screen, will be your links that control what you happen to be viewing. Something down the lines of:

Concerning Portfolio Contact

Clicking on any one of them will bring further options into the line down below, so clicking like " Contact" would ensure that you get:

Concerning Portfolio Contact
nameaddress. co. uk Blog 0123456789

Preferably, when it slipped down, it would furthermore do so in a smooth, animated way – rather then just appearing clumsily. Will these preferences trim towards using Adobe flash for my internet site, or is this kind of possible in HTML

Any advice anyone will give would be drastically appreciated.

Red Eye.

In case it were me, I would choose a template (purchase one) that
is created for an specialit portfolio with JQuery capabilities (no Flash),
and has a mobile version to get hand-held devices.

I realize that sounds ironic that you just would purchase a strong XHTML/CSS template
from someone when you’re a designer oneself, but time as well as learning to
practice it negates the should put a web site into place this looks and is effective great.

There are numerous " free templates", but don’t have a look at those too challenging. Find a serious one
that is certainly professionally done, is sold with support, and you will need to pay for it.
To start this yourself without encounter, or the time to understand, would be ineffective.

That’s my estimation anyhow.

Just as much as I love that will disagree with mlsiem, he is absolutely correct when you are in a occasion crunch. Presentation is very important, you need to look the part even if you are not right now. Learning how to design and develop websites properly mostly depends done to you and how quickly you adapt. An amateurish webpage might hinder ones progress even to the work that has nothing related to web design.

Yet another thing you need to always take into account before you commence this long trek around the digital plain — FLASH is removed like Elvis, Tupac or whatever you may relate to that’s no longer by using us.

Your timeframe was the actual basis for my answer. Get something in position and working.
You have to get a selection online. After that will, you can spend all the time as you
want setting up a new portfolio site on the side.

I’m not a big fan associated with templates, but they greatly offer some beneficial uses. They allow a beginner
to run a site quickly and learn how it can be done… the XHTML, your CSS, the JQuery.
It’s being a " sandbox"… mess around with all the template and see what causes it to become tick.

I recommend templates convey needing a quick presence on the internet.
Regardless of whether you’re going in order to display a single-page web site.

To often be honest, web design (in an extremely broad sense) may be a skill that I would really like to develop for a string to the bow. As the designer, I feel that we really ought in order to hone it as skill as a way to compete realistically within my industry anyhow.

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