Which is the best web designing software ??

im the latest web designer and we have used frontpage 2003 and dreamweaver, but i was not satisfied with rfrontpage whatsoever, dreamweaver was all right.. is the microsoft expression web 2. 0 the best you to definitely design a real professional web site may softwares like caffeine cup or different versions of dreamweave be superior to the expression web 2

bless you

no designer quite as well as the human custom made friend.
however thats just me personally. otherwise try drupal.

What were you not very pleased of

Notepad++ is the best friend man.

When you are a Mac user there are plenty of options that tend to be both free and/or less expensive. A good example would be iWeb that can be free, or DreamWeaver which can be pretty inexpensive as much as software goes.

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