Which site is more reliable?

Good day everyone!

I am confused regarding whether what site My goal is to use to buy a shopping cart. I am rather than an expert relating to shopping cart, so your opinions are very well appreciated.

Relating to come across these kinds of two sites that are fitted with the same providers. They sell looking cart. I cant decide which site to select as they apparently have equally excellent services.

If anyone of you who have comes across to such sites, please do ok , i’ll know and explain to me you what you imagine of all of them.



You’ve some choices for making…

1) It is possible to subscribe (and pay) to get a remote shopping basket service where they
handle everything to suit your needs. They give you a " canned" website and an admin
web page where you include photos, prices, etc. They take care of the actual operation
and plastic card processing.

2) You see a free (or pay) for your shopping cart script that you install and configure
on your own webhosted website. You pick your special credit card merchant and
handle everything yourself. With using this method you only finance webhosting and credit ratings card
vendor fees, but requires you install, configure as well as create your browsing cart.

AlgoZone gives templates for OSCommerce, that is a free searching cart system
that uses PHP/MySQL (like most do). CubeCart will be another free method.

I would recommend option 2, but you do really need experience with PHP/MySQL
and you’ll need to customize the templates, etc.

Thanks to the reply. However, I don’t possess any experience within PHP/MYSQL.

Express what you’re providing online.
What forms of things, and the amount of.
And if you already have got a website, show us all that.
We will often have some good suggestions for yourself.

First tell me what you need to shop then we reply based on that…..

Good day everyone,

Thanks to your interest in assisting me. However, Relating to decided to select Algozone. I got everything determined.

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