Who’s at Fault? Designer vs Client dispute, interested in your opinions

Hello there,

A recent dispute came up of which made me wonder who is really in a bad here and MY SPOUSE AND I thought who better to ask for feedback/opinions/poll than your community of colleagues here.

Recently I’d some trouble obtaining the Featured Content Gallery to operate on my internet site. I hired any designer, who should remain anonymous, that said he might troubleshoot it throughout 30 mins. Superb. It worked.

Then again, it seems the missing closing DIV tag made the positioning look messed way up in Internet Explorer (the diminishing text problem this others have had) as well as from about 6am Friday morning to virtually 6am Saturday morning, the site had been unviewable by IE people.

This was particularly tragic as this is the one day with the year that WHEN I go all out and purchase over a multitude of dollars of newspapers advertising and 80% with my visitors had been on IE. I can let you know that I’ve lost a lot of traffic and capital on Friday which usually won’t repeat right up until next Valentines day time. Yes, total deprivation, more than total loss actually.

I was working on wanting to make FCG operate, as I had managed to get work in the other site and was endeavoring to retrace how Used to do it (it ended up being through reading previous threads here) along with was exactly in the middle of working with the code inside the custom_functions. php along with the custom. css files while i hired the custom as I don’t have time to mess for it further and he / she was complaining that will he wanted to begin ASAP (I ended up intermittently way from the computer).

He / she gets it being employed, the IE possesses the viewing difficulty and I along with the creator of my skin go over the code but can’t find out what went wrong.

It turns it he did this the problem (from this custom_functions. php)

< div id=" header_addon" >

< div id=" header_featured" >

< php worldwide $post;

include (ABSPATH. '/wp-content/plugins/featured-content-gallery/gallery. php'); >

< /div>
< /div> < -----this 1 was missing.

Now, I noticed it not universally known when he made the correction, but My organization is not a designer (I am knowing by trial and error, never taken your CSS class) yet he insisted how the problem is coming from nothing he have.

So I by no means looked back for the file and this area until about 5am Saturday morning when i was thinking really hard about everything which may have happened into the site and instantly remembered that funny feeling Thought about about seeing only 1 closing div tag.

I believe its the developers fault as a) this individual was to troubleshoot the particular FCG and the fix was right in that div area and he should have fixed that along with b) had he hadn’t insisted that it’s nothing wrong on his part, I would get looked in there within my combing over right away on Friday, I checked everything BUT the work. He was prompted to troubleshoot, not cause an even bigger problem.

This individual says its the fault as, since I used to be working in this area right once i hired him, *I* experienced left the DIV out and about originally (which MY SPOUSE AND I don’t deny, Used to do leave it out and about, amongst other items, which is the reason he was brought on) and therefore it’s all my fault rather than his.

So whose fault is niagra, in this case Do not say it’s equally our faults because I don’t think that’s the case here.

Please contribute your opinion.

you hired a reliable. any designer really worth paying should make certain the site works the way it did before they started most likeyl have. the norm can have been for him to make sure there wer no difficulty with the site ahead of starting on that, then if there were a problem that will report it to you before starting at the very least so you wer informed then charge you fix it. then when the work was competed to make certain the site functioned before launching this. the designer showcased sounds like he or she is holding you accountable as if he wer subcontracting from another design firm. that not being the truth he has simply no grounds for their approach.

It depends on the deal / contract. Ultimately you should have a backup in the files to compare the website before and after he worked on it. Unless one does have a stop-gap, chalk it around a learning practical experience.

With that said, tweaking a site the day the peak of one’s business season is at hand. Also, I’d consider obtaining a good lawyer as with a celebrity’s pic upon that popup w/o their own consent = suit.

First, well then , i’ll say that I’m amazed that:

  1. You hired a designer to create changed directly with a in the yr 2010.
  2. That neither connected with you thought to use the changes in multiple browsers to at the least see that everything looked identical in they all.

I think that designer you appointed did sloppy work – not a soul should spend " 30 minutes" making variations ot a production website. Any such change must be at least examined thoroughly afterward to ensure it’s ok. Better idea will be to maintain a reflection image staging environment for your website, make just about any changes there, experiment thoroughly,

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