Word Press’ Tag URLscount as duplicates?

Word Press’ Label URLs — count as duplicates

With my personal website and also using squidoo I decide to put tags straight down.These develop pages which often display all of the posts of which I’ve employed those tags in (usually one post).

So for instance, this:


shows identical as


and so on.The initial URL merely shows the particular post, while the some other ones would likely show everything with these kind of tags (if there was anything else).

From a SEO point of view should WE remove this particular tags thing, will it appear like lots connected with duplicate content for the site

On your up side at the moment google is very much indexing all those meals and it allows people to find the site from many different keyphrases (as that tags produce new site titles).

You need to disable this indexing of the URL’s out of robots.txt if you are worried over it.

There are numerous opinions on the market for that.Some say it is good and we should use detailed tags and many say many people lost its rankings when they added your tags.

One thing from Yahoo and google says, that it does finds the proper page if in repository, printable variation, tag site, search site etc…alone.

You can talk about the standard post here:http://googlewebmastercentral.blogsp…ed-by-url.html

i’d restrict crawlers from dealing with tag webpages, and possibly even dated pages based on the structure within your website, the way often content material is up to date, etc.

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