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My business is designing a custom made website from scratch and my client is having a WordPress Blog hosted by WordPress who they also pays to help redirect people in order to his page whenever they go to his or her domain Mrpicky. net sale, that he settled from domains. com or something similar to that. Seems very convoluted to state the least.

Anyway, is there a method to upload the website I designed to his wordpress blog host We have looked for document managers and failed to find one, or FTP access, although no luck. I am looking for ways to him to just move to Hostmonster which POST find very easy to utilize. Not to mention We have never really liked wordpress anyways.

Any help can be greatful.

People designed a Squidoo theme

No just an HTML PAGE site (still beneath construction). I don’t think it will perform, but my better half, who knows nothing about website design, thinks it will. Here is his / her current site

He will need a " real" webhosting accounts.
Wordpress hosted sites are usually wordpress.

That is certainly what I figured. You are working with two totally different things and they also don’t work along.

Not sure if you ever found a alternative yet, but if you haven’t check that link http: //en. assistance. wordpress. com/themes/adding-new-themes/
I saw the design and it’s greater than what your client usually have. However, designing a design for WordPress is just not like creating toned html files. You will have to understand a little php at the same time.

It’s really helpful for everyone. Thanks for u.

what you have to do is build a theme, not sure how i where planning on obtaining a plain html web site design on hubpages. Don’t think they will allow it.

So just produce a theme they are usually pretty easy along with upload it along with choose it the same as any other wp style.

expectation this helps.

Avoid, I am likely to have them switch to a Hostmonster, and also just switch that domain over. It will be easier for me and I will make an more $65. 00 putting your signature on them up by using Hostmonster.

So you can create the Hostmonster bill, install WP (they own an auto-install).
Get a WP theme that has the same layout at your site design.
Installation that theme in addition to start customizing that. Make it resemble your designed website.

I solely design custom internet sites. I have under no circumstances made a WP site hence the idea is to advance a way via WP altogether. I did add WP for you to my site to experience around with it and then I realized I simply didn’t like the idea lol.

I seen your portfolio. Whenever they like your fresh design, they have to subscribe
with a real webhost and have your site mounted there. If they don’t might like to do that,
then explain you’re not serious about doing their internet site. I’ve turned-down clients
before simply because they were too persistent or clueless to give me permission to try and do my job.

Hopefully they’ll assist you to go with the particular Hostmonster idea.

Yeah the site is good for my brother in law and it is being done intended for trade. They have no idea or understanding of how it functions. Their friend from church setup their original WP web page but has since not gotten to help when using the site and in addition they wanted something brand new. I figure I really could make some money off from it as well as long as they sign up through Hostmonster that may give me $65.

Thanks for your input Mlseim, I regards.

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