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I got wondering how you’d get the Feed to work over a wordpress theme that was downloaded. You might view it at www. condosinfocenter. com. Thanks,

Do you imply that…

1) You should display some REALLY SIMPLY SYNDICATION feeds from some other websites
2) You should create your personal RSS feeds for some people to use

TWO = RSS Feeder

Really I only want to feed to do the job. I would guess for other people to use. I never really need that, but it includes the theme and I merely would like it to figure.

There can be quite a module (or add-on) for you to use to enable the Rss.
Thus, the feed is usually not really component of your theme… some people probably have the
graphics as it though.

This kind of thing:
http: //wordpress. org/extend/plugins/subscribe-plugin/

But make sure the plugin you use works on your own version of WP.
And you will find other plugins… you possibly can investigate here:
http: //www. yahoo. com/searchhl=en& q=wordpress really simply syndication plugin& cts=1240426851719& aq=1& oq=wordpress really simply syndication

That makes sense. Thanks for the actual feedback.

I favor to use this FD Feedburner WordPress plugin which redirects a person’s feed to Feedburner (which is already owned by Google). You simply need an bill… which is totally free. It’s nice though to create can manage your own feeds all available as one place if you have multiple sites.

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