WordPress vs. "Regular" Sites…SEO

WordPress vs." Regular" Websites…SEO


Maybe My business is worried for no reason but would like some input.

I ‘m developing many sites together with appropriate Wetpaint themes on most of my domains as well as linking appropriate wordpress web sites.No actual crazy connecting, but 10-20 web pages, all by using different different types.

Also, all initial content per category, anywhere from 1-5K phrases.


etc and so on.


1) Could WordPress hurt or support me My business is using the seo plug-in.Obviously, I desire top area on search results, is that achievable using WordPress (1st moment user associated with wordpress, typically use other software.)

2) Anything I needs to be aware of

Thanks for the time.

Ranking in search engines mainly will depend on the grade of the content which you add inside your site.An affiliate site can use wordpress or some other platform:that web-site can get ranking as substantial as almost every other site if it have great content and level of quality backlinks.

But squidoo is preferable as you’ll be able to manage our sites.Plus it presents us numerous many options.You could add a fresh page together with just several clicks.It handles all the comments and maintain spam feedback.

WordPress is a superb CMS.It assists with easy maintenance of one’s site plus has a pile of plugins.Everything totally free.

All this may aid your current content.Basically you should have good quality content and also WordPress is the way to go.

WordPress can do more excellent than bad provided that your web sites provide value towards the visitor.Don’t worry.

WordPress can be great pertaining to SEO and it is as excellent or possibly greater than many other methods for building your blog.As long just like you build unique, relevant content after which build quality, relevant backlinks there is absolutely no reason las vegas dui lawyer shouldn’t be wise in the SE field (as long as it isn’t also competitive of your area that you’re chasing).

If you’re providing high quality content then regardless of which platform that you’re using.
No mistrust WordPress can be a search motor friendly CMS.

I in addition use All In a single SEO plugin avoiding duplicate meta tags and a few other errors which may hurts the SERP value.

As nearly all of your web-sites are relevant, you need to take utmost take care of getting different content.Employ copyscape.

it’s attainable in wetpaint, but it is not the search engine optimization tools which might be being used but the user who’ll make that difference.you will get a excellent cms including wordpress including a good seo plugin, and nonetheless do a new horrendous seo job.

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