Would a CMS help my site concept or hurt my concept?

I will be wanting to produce site that will look like the below concept design
dl. getdropbox. com/u/39379/Site%20Concept%20Design%20Code. pdf

ATM relating to the database designed, and have a robust understanding of how i may use PHP for you to graphically display the internet. However I are not aware how to allow users to sign in in and enter data in to the database. My friend explained i should start using a CMS (Joomla specificaly), but i was unsure if that will be the answer to my own problem. So we were hoping you people could stear me inside the right direction

also the positioning wont be in relation to Pokemon, but the particular analogy works fairly well

Effectively, layout-wise that appears like a pretty standard CMS using a plugin for dealing with image galleries and another for controlling product display. Whether you may implement it like that or not can be a different matter.

Effectively, as i see, the layout seriously isn’t complex to handle with a CMS.

I would try to search for a plugin which often correctly fits in your needs, if not located or difficult in order to implement – subsequently go programming your forms and parsers… imo.

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