Would search engines index this URL?

Would serps index this particular URL

Just asking yourself if serps would index this URL:


I know they’ll index the following one


Yes, I think they will probably index the very first url however second link is considerably more seo favorable.Therefore you need to try that will rewrite your current urls and rather then 12 your name on the product and also whatever you have there.
Ideal will be www.sitename.com/laptop.html

Great.Thanks to the reply

Logically, they can index if the article is viewable with proper origin code.

you should try mod_rewrite that will rewrite a person’s urls

Yes, they’ll index them, but We’d definitely replicate what edesimusic was saying, make use of the.htaccess document to reword your urls and so they’re far more seo favorable.

sometimes, mod_rewrite will be disabled by way of some web host providers!

thanks anyway.

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