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Hey I’m trying to find a new design to get a site of my verizon prepaid phone and I’ve encountered withe this site recently, it’s for your local Christian babies shop, and how could I make use of a resemble layout. Please look and tell me if you feel it’s possible to design something like that with with a tutorial.

Thanks beforehand

Is your site going becoming a store

That store is with a commercial web store using their host. If you will need a storefront, I’d examine OSCommerce (free).

what on earth is ecommerce store

Amazing! I was astonished!
just curious when you have spiritual books, including the one entitled Chicken Soup For the Soul (for teens)

Hoping for your reply,

That was not his site. That’s your website he wants to base HIS off from

I’ve removed that link until this individual responds as maybe it’s spam.

improved.. you may search for any templated layout!!!!

I would in addition consider OSCommerce for the shopping cart the following.

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