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Just what software did you use to develop and/or style and design your and/or client’s site I first employed " Microsoft Frontpage 2003" and then moved on to " Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004". I’m now creating my personal webpages for practice as well as fun on Notepad. Firmly XHTML and CSS. I still don’t know Javascript. Still understanding Macromedia’s Flash MX 2008, I got several fundental things down but not to say, " I know how to creat a lot of things in Expensive! "

I always utilize the scite editor as it is still basic text editor nevertheless has syntax highlighting now if you say software i’m assumeing any software program so:

  • firefox
  • i explorer
  • ms paint
  • corel draw
  • ms word
  • Jarte (word processor)
  • word pad
  • ws-ftp


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