Youtube disable related videos – not working!

Hello there, I’m trying for you to disable the associated videos screen when they get home of a online video media. I’ve used that " & rel=0" tag when they get home of the source string
my partner and i. e. < iframe title=" Youtube video player" width=" 853" height=" 510" src=" http: //www. youtube. com/embed/dax6o1_imLQ& rel=0" frameborder=" 0" allowfullscreen> < /iframe>

Difficulty is, when I do that the video just disappears in the page!

Might anyone see which usually idiot " button" I am just not pressing please

Thanks, Lol

It’s important to use the merchandise embed mode.

< concept width=" 425" height=" 350" >
< param name=" movie" value=" http: //www. youtube. com/v/dax6o1_imLQ& rel=0" > < /param>
< param name=" wmode" value=" transparent" > < /param>
< upload src=" http: //www. youtube. com/v/dax6o1_imLQ& rel=0" type=" application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode=" transparent" width=" 425" height=" 350" > < /embed>
< /object>

Hello there, apparently the iframe will be new method established by YouTube plus further research has shown the disable function is yet that they are " enabled".
Consider the good try the " old" technique and report back again.

Harmonic, apparently Allow me to use the old embed code also it works just good thanks! What I want to do would be to disable the selection to toggle involving full frame (not fullscreen) in addition to having thumbnails and so on shown. Any ideas
Thanks, Lol

sorry can you clarify You should disable fullscreen Don’t understand why but try the following… (not tested)

I’m sorry harmonic, I’m definitely not making myself apparent. On the Youtube viewer at the end right corner it has an option to toggle among the video occupying being full viewer window or perhaps it reducing in size with a thumbnail gallery below and embed and chek out code windows. i want to set the actual viewer to also disable this power and set the actual viewer to entire frame video or set it so the player default display is considered one of full window observing and someone is required to deliberately toggle into the thumbnail view alternative.
Hope this is the little clearer, I are deprived of enough posts that will post links still.

thanks, Lol

You possibly can post the link as abc. com besides abc. com

And sorry but I’ve never encounter this being carried out before. If you have among this, send me this link and i’ll check this stuff out!

Hi harmonic, I’ve attached a number of pictures to illustrate what i mean. I’m trying to attain the " Hidden" status by default or even by removing the option to attend " Onview".

Thanks, Lol

OK I’m sure what you’re referring to now! And unfortunately I’ve never encounter any articles or anything inside API to get rid of it. I’ll let’s you know if I find something!

May I ask why you need these customizations so bad Are you currently trying to skin you in an make an attempt to remove all YouTube Branding If you are, I’d recommend employing JWplayer

I’m not endeavoring to remove Youtube branding per se, just trying to stop people navigating from the website they’re on when taking a look at the embedded online video media; -)
This really is part of a website for a buddy of mine that is just starting up an enterprise and has literally NO capital to invest on software. I am just getting free tattoos to get my efforts!

Thanks, Lol

Makes sense. In that scenario definitely use JWplayer. YouTube is providing you with a free quality HD capable player, and providing you with with fast steaming subject material, for free. Stopping the player from getting viewers to go to youtube. com could well be fighting with it has the native functionality!

Apply JWplayer to stream the YouTube training videos instead. It is actually free and wide open source.

Thanks, I really understand your help for this. I’ll research JW player and will probably be back with inquiries; -).

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