Access to a program through web

Here is the situation, I have software that sits throughout my office over a pc which has a public ip handle. I need the capability for various people throught everything to dial the following ip address, and run this program. However, and here is the catch, they cannot manage to download the program thus to their pc. This is a new liscenceing program of which my resellers need and therefore run but possibly not download basiclly. We have tried using remote pc help anywhere program but it is unreliable around certain areas. Any ideas
Many thanks!

The remote programs will be the only solution which i know of for a problem. Of training, there may be other options that I have no idea of of but I haven’t discovered anything that enables you to do what you need. I never utilize remote access programs so there could be a program which i am overlooking. My mom’s company is known for a way that they could check their contact online, but I don’t know how they make it happen.

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