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Okay we certainly have added a category section and today I need to include them to coursesmart BUT HOW
My organization is going bonkers for this one… just can’t get them correct, so everything moves http: //www. mbsautoparts. com/index_maybe. code

I don’t grasp the question.

Thinking of talking about the many categories in the particular bottom
section with all the mini graphics

I’m also suppose you mean that you’re stumped about having
to produce a unique. html file for every one That it could be
a monumentous undertaking and take a lot of time

In case it were my site, I would use client-side scripting these kinds of as
Perl or even PHP to " dynamically" exhibit the category as soon as you
check out the category tattoo. Each icon can be a link sort
involving like: http: //www. mysite. com/cgi-bin/cat. plcat=12

Your link would telephone a Perl script labeled " cat. pl" plus that
script will create the page to display through pulling information
off all a database (either MySQL or a simple text flat-file
database). Your Perl script could build the HTML PAGE, layout the
visuals and text (from that database) and mail the page for you to the
visitor’s internet browser… thus, a " dynamically" created website page.

That is a very common approach and allows each category to be
easily altered concerning the editing the database. All categories
is layed out exactly the same, with the same look and layout.


a prolonged answer, especially if that’s not what a person mean.


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