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Hi-I am building a site that could sell classified posting space for horse. This is some sort of 3 part issue.

1)I must have customers complete a form so users can contact them if they are interested with an animal. When these kinds are travel between a user’s computer as well as the form handler… how do you make them safe from someone intercepting the actual info

2)Does anyone know of a good, easy variety handler I work with Dreamweaver and am not very good at html… yet.

2)So many web sites that sell categorized ad space ask you register. What exactly could be the purpose I’d alternatively not require this but will there be a good reason to undertake so
Thanks a great deal of!

Some folks will disagree with what I suggest, I’m just letting you know what works to do.

1) When i handle forms, MY SPOUSE AND I use Perl. MY SPOUSE AND I set method=" post" in my type tag which prevents the shape information from being displayed in the address bar. That helps maintain your information secure if the user is on the public computer connected with some sort. Nothing is going to be 100% safe if someone is set to steal a person’s information, but I have no idea too many shady souls who sit on any classified horse posting site to steal info.

2) Can’t enable you to there. I forced myself in early stages to learn HTML and I’m very glad Used to do. I code my pages by hand by using a text editor that allows pages to fill faster and react how I want to help.

3) Registration allows the positioning owner several points. They can harvest email addresses and information regarding their user bottom. Registered users could be set up to obtain their username display inside sites access logs. The site seller would then see singular user visiting the website if the very same person accessed the site from home along with work. Registration is usually a mini roadblock to support stop your web site from being spammed on auto-pilot by software made to post ads on the site. I’ve always told my friend, if you aren’t collecting money, do not bother your end users with registration.

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