Greenock Hockey Club

The site for the local hockey team that we play for:

Greenock Hockey Club

I’ve only completed the principle page and this news archive (which I’m really excited about All that ingenious PHP).

I just would like your general impressions on the design to see if you like the way Now i’m going. The colour scheme is dependant on the club’s home strip.

You can check out the menu at the same time. All of the actual links work, only no content is usually displayed.

Certainly, I know you will find there’s spelling mistake. This will likely be corrected upcoming time I include.

The internet site has no ‘real’ images. I feel you’ll want to upgrade the screaming. At the moment may be a plain text image, which is damaging a vision-impaired visitor to your site, but if you might be to have that plain text, then you’ll want to convert it in order to text.

You have a nice navigation process, remember to add some same navigation upon each page inside the same place.

In addition to that, the design and style is very plain. I believe some more eye-candy is required to create an effect on the user, some pictures in the players, the coaches and teams, the pitches

I’m also not too thinking about the black at white on black thing we now have going on below, perhaps making coursesmart light, and getting all text african american. Make sure in making hyperlinks a different colour to general text and also to allow them to (at the least) underline or maybe change colour with rollover.

Keep writing!. 3/5.

The banner is definitely temporary. I suck at graphics but luckily among our players may be a graphics artist. I want to finish the website first though. It allows him to check out what would glance best.

Coursesmart is one internet page and uses includes and so the menu is always visiting be in the identical place. It uses a database to receive the menu items too.

I’m gonna have a hit-or-miss picture beneath this menu. It will be a thumbnail image. I just should get some pictures

The only thing that is black could be the text. The rest is usually very dark blue. I think I am going to lighten it a lttle bit.

How’s it looking now

I changed the colours a little and added a new random image. In the foreseeable future, each image will open a fresh page when clicked with displaying it 100 % sized.

I’ve updated the site tremendously and moved it to a different server. The brand new address is:

http: //ghc. ithium. net

I thought we would make my personal logo. It’s this first ever suitable graphic It’s fine I suppose. Much better than the previous you though

I’m mainly in search of how accessible you consider the site is usually, have I got every one of the sections you might expect and things add/remove.

Thanks considerably.

Not a bad logo but WE can’t read the red within the blue

Greater than it was, but I would still recommend a lighter background.

Accesibility-wise, coursesmart isn’t too fine. Your images alt tags, and a light on darkish colour scheme is usually harder for prospect impaired users (not utilizing screen-reader software) to be able to read the written content.

They do have got alt tags As well as when you look at them at full size ; however , it says the particular description is within.

What’s wrong performing it that way

Oh yea! And if the thing is an error it’s because I haven’t established that page yet.

Sorry this mistake. They don’t do the job in Firefox for some reason.

I can’t use Firefox for some reason I’ve tried 0. 9. 1 and 0. 9. 2 but I always obtain same problem. Any page ‘bounces’

Nonetheless that’s Off Theme.

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