help with dreamweaver MX 2004

hi i need a little sooth dreamweaver as this issue is really starting to perform my head within and i cant get a tut at just about all which helps me personally out.
The problem is im carrying out a little website (my first) in addition to ive got the backround and ive place the image i want with the main backround (where let me put all the info the best of) but i dont learn how to put an image onto an image ie. a new banner, buttons.. and so on.
i think i could be going around it an unacceptable way tbh nevertheless i thought i might ask if there were any way i really could put an image together with another image!
of course , if not how to i circumvent this
Please help and im close to ripping my hair out
gives thanks akuji.

well if an individual wanted an image together with an image, you’d probably set the bottom image being a background.

So you can set the body of this site as a new background, then set a table about that, set a background image to the next, and then embed an image(button, banner etc) into the table…

This is obviously not the best ways of coding, but the truth is got to start learning somewhere!: basic:

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