Live webcam?

This is certainly probably a absurd question, and what I wish to accomplish probably costs lots to implement, yet I’ll ask nevertheless. I am asking yourself, how would I go about putting a dwell webcam on my personal site.

Seem here: http: //www. hostultra. com/about. html and you see at the bottom left, it features " View Live Datacenter Webcam" How would I use this.

I just think it could be cool to include this on our site, lol. Effectively, thanks in progress to anyone who is able to help me.

internet. camarades. com (I think) still lets you do it at no cost.

OK gives thanks. I have found a no cost program on Obtain. com that lets you do this, but I’l try the main one you suggested and check if it’s any much better.

Thank you, and any more recommendations can be great. Thanks, will7.

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